First Tee of Lehigh Valley at Marvine

Innovation Brings Golf to More People

Fine Golf Design Utilizes Birdieball, Sindelar Golf to Build Low-Cost, Small-Footprint Facility

Golf appeals to newcomers of all ages, but especially to kids.  One of the problems the game has faced, however, is the lack of adequate learning and training facilities.  The cost, time requirements, availability and difficulty of playing golf on full-size courses discourages new golfers and hinders the development of learning programs. 

Fine Golf Design worked for years to find a suitable location for a golf learning facility for kids and adults in the Lehigh Valley of PA. We figured we needed at least 25 or 30 acres of land to build a driving range and a short course.  After a series of unfruitful searches, it appeared that the vision might never come to reality. Then we came across two innovative companies - Sindelar Golf, Inc. and Birdieball, Inc.  Sindelar had developed a novel pitching turf and indoor practice aids primarily for the school market.  Birdieball, Inc. had invented a limited flight ball that delivered true ball-flight with maximum distances of 40 - 50 yards.  Suddenly, we realized we had found the answer!  Utilizing these products, Fine Golf Design was able to design a safe and low-cost golf training and practice faclity on less than two acres of land and oversee its construction in a high-density residential community.  Furthermore, we helped a local non-profit organization convince The First Tee and the USGA to embrace the concept and provide their backing and financial support.  We firmly believe that this facility, which will hold its grand opening in May, 2006, is the first of what will be many, “Birdieball Courses” around the world.

With this approach, golf can come to areas never thought feasible and to kids and adults that might otherwise never have the interest or opportunity to play the game. 
Some of the advantages embodied in the First Tee of Lehigh Valley at Marvine design include:

  • Enhanced safety
  • Low-cost construction and limited ongoing maintenance
  • Minimal acreage (a complete course and/ or practice area can be built on <2 acres)
  • Quicker playing time                
  • Ability to practice and play with every club in the bag
  • Can be built in convenient locations– brings golf to areas never before possible
  • Fun and rewarding to play for all skill levels
  • Great training and preparation for full-size courses
  • Courses are easy to walk, golfer friendly, no age limit
  • Training programs integrate golf skills with core values and life skills development

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