Mark Fine

Mark Fine devoted more than 20 years to the study of golf course architecture before entering the design field.  He has played and analyzed more than 1,200 courses around the world and is a longtime student of classic course design.  Following a successful career as an owner/developer of new businesses, Mark founded Fine Golf Design, Inc.  He recently co-authored the book titled "Bunkers, Pits and Other Hazards," published by Wiley and Sons, Inc.   He has co-authored a monthly architecture column for Golf Tips magazine and is a frequent speaker around the country on Golden Age course design and the evolution of how courses change.

Design Partners/Alliances

Fine Golf Design's business philosophy is unique from many other golf design firms.  Our philosophy is one of networking and partnering with experts in their respective fields.  We have collaborated with other architects, worked together with noted design consultants, utilized the expertise of some of the country’s best Superintendents, as well as employed top graphic design artists and CAD specialists for construction drawings when and where needed.     

Furthermore, on some of our projects, we offer a "design/build" approach which is based on the premise that we bring together a complete team that can handle the project from the planning phase through construction.  Though the construction bidding process has merit, we believe our approach in certain situations yields our clients a better and more cost effective overall product.  Golf course design is an art not a science.  When doing restoration work for example on a noteworthy design, you are rarely dealing with standardized design features that any golf construction firm can handle.  The cooperation between the architect and the construction firm must be sound.  Detailed construction drawings can help but frankly they are of less value when working with older golf courses.  It is our view that there is no substitute for in the field communication between parties who know and trust each other and who understand our philosophy and personal hands-on approach to design. 





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