Birdieball Courses Bring Golf to More People

Fine Golf Design Utilizes the Birdieball to Build Low-Cost, Small-Footprint Facilities Around the Country

One of the problems the game of golf has faced is the lack of adequate learning and training facilities.  The cost, time requirements, availability and difficulty of playing golf on full-size courses discourages new golfers and hinders the development of learning programs.  Fine Golf Design believes they have found a way to overcome some of these issues.  The firm has recently designed a golf learning facility for kids and adults in the Lehigh Valley of PA.  The design is centered around an innovation called a Birdieball.  A Birdieball is a limited flight ball that delivers true ball-flight with maximum distances of 40 - 50 yards.  Utilizing this innovative golf ball, Fine Golf Design is able to design and build safe, low-cost golf courses in very confined areas (the course in the Lehigh Valley sits on less than an acre of land).   Furthermore, the Birdieball course concept has been embraced by The First Tee and the USGABoth organizations provided their backing and financial support for the course in PA.  Fine Golf Design believes facilities like the one in the Lehigh Valley will be the first of many “Birdieball Courses” across the country and around the world.
birdie ball
The innovative Birdieball

Some of the advantages embodied in our Birdieball designs include:

  • Enhanced safety
  • Low-cost construction and limited ongoing maintenance
  • Minimal acreage (a complete course and/or practice area can be built on <2 acres)
  • Quicker playing time                
  • Ability to practice and play with every club in the bag
  • Can be built in convenient locations– brings golf to areas never before possible
  • Fun and rewarding to play for all skill levels
  • Great training and preparation for full-size courses
  • Courses are easy to walk, golfer friendly, no age limit

Here are some of the comments from kids and instructors at our Birdieball course:

"Birdieball is fun.  I like to take full swings and hit the birdieball like it is a real golf ball." - Aaron

"I think that the birdieball course is a cool idea.  It lets us all hit full swings outside even when we can not make it to the real course." - Frankie

"I wish we had more birdieball holes to play, I think its a lot of fun being outside listening to them in the air." - Josh

"Birdieball is different, it's cool we are outside hitting full swings." - Byron

"The birdieball course is neat, I like to be able to watch it in the air." - Jason

"The birdieball course is fun, its sorta like a real course." - Ralphy

"This birdieball is cool to hit cause it makes a cool sound when you hit it right." - Jordan


"The birdieball couese is a great teaching aid.  It gives the chance to take a full swing and see how a ball might react in flight.” - Adam Hoffman

"The birdieball course is fun and enjoyable because you get feedback since the birdieballs fly like a normal golf ball." - Aaron Thieme

"The good things about the birdieball course are having the chance to play outside, having a safe environment with our limited space, the ability to curve and manipulate the birdieball, and feeling like you are hitting a real golf ball." - Tom Fenstmacker

"The birdieball course is a great aid in teaching the youth the game of golf.  We can show them what happens to a ball when its properly hit and when it is poorly hit in a smaller space then a driving range.  Being able to be outside and have our own facility is a plus.  We don’t have to drive to a course and pay to hit golf balls, although we do for testing, we have our course right here." - Dan Williamson

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